Beach sports, the best activities to practice on vacation this summer

The beautiful days are fast approaching, the opportunity to go to the beaches to practice with family or friends the best sporting activities of the moment. We have listed for you the top 10 of our favorite beach sports, to practice alone or with others!

1 – Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is one of the favorite activities of the French on the beach. With or without a net, this sport will always appeal to professionals and amateurs alike. In a team or two against two, it is up to you to choose to practice this activity which combines elegance and fun.

2 – The Frisbee

Brush yourself with sun cream, put on your best cap and concentrate on perfecting the comings and goings of this famous record. Frisbee is a fun game that will make you gesticulate and run without limits along the beaches this summer. Two or more parties can last until nightfall.

3 – Yoga

Inhale, it’s time to relax and let the wind caress your cheeks during a revitalizing yoga session. The benefits of yoga on the body are remarkable and practicing it on the beach makes the activity all the more beneficial. No need for specific equipment, spread your towel on the sand and start your session, alone or with others.

4 – Aquagym at sea

This summer, why not try an aquagym session at sea. More regularly practiced in the swimming pool, this activity challenges its followers, who will have to play with the vagaries of the current. With or without accessories, sporting activity in sea water strengthens the body, because it is loaded with magnesium, calcium or phosphorus. In addition, the negative ions present in the water actively eliminate toxins.

5 – The Frescobol Carioca

Let’s go to Brazil! Discover the Frescobol this summer on the beaches. This game consists of sending a rubber ball to your opponent using specific rackets. This game has the wind in its sails on beaches all over the world because it combines technique and fun. Strengthen the game by increasing the distance with your playmate for guaranteed laughs.

6 – Speedminton

The Speedminton is a German invention that landed on the beaches of France recently. It is a mixture of badminton, squash and tennis which is played with a very specific racket. It takes its name from the speed of the steering wheel which can sometimes reach 300 km / h. This sport is very physical and requires a lot of reactivity, especially when the wind gets involved …

7 – Beach soccer

How about a team beach soccer game on the sandy beaches this summer? This sport has been practiced in different forms on beaches all over the world, and has been for many years. Sand football encourages players to opt for a more aerial game which makes the game all the more physical and spectacular. Unearth your ball and start your game of beach soccer, with family or friends.

8 – The loin

Coastal or beach hiking is a sport that is often practiced on Nordic beaches. This sport consists of walking in water with an immersion between the navel and the armpits. This physical exercise is recommended for all ages and acts on the muscular, cardiac, respiratory and circulatory systems at the same time. The resistance of the water and the waves allow the muscles to work in depth. This outdoor activity is to be practiced without moderation to combine the useful with the pleasant.

9 – Sand yachting

Learn about sand yachting this summer! The opportunity for enthusiasts to discover a new activity with the family and for the more experienced, to enjoy a pure moment of pleasure while improving their skills. Very practiced in the west of France, sand yachting is a fun activity for young and old alike, who can try it from the age of 8. When the wind blows, the tank can reach a speed of 60 km / h, something to delight lovers of strong sensations.

10 – Running

There’s nothing like jogging at sunrise on the still wet sandy beaches. Take advantage of the fresh morning air, to run along the sea and recharge your batteries. This practice is strongly recommended, since it allows you to exercise while clearing your mind. Start the day off on the right foot with a run on the beaches of your vacation spot before taking a dip in the salt water!