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onnecticut Public Affairs Network (CPAN) has been committed to strengthening civic engagement in the Constitution State by providing comprehensive and unbiased educational programming and outreach on state government, civics and citizenship since the organization’s founding in 1997.

In 1999, CPAN launched the Connecticut Network (CT-N) for the Connecticut General Assembly, a 24-hour media service providing C-SPAN-style gavel-to-gavel coverage of state government and public policy on both television and internet platforms. In the intervening years, CT-N expanded the scope of its programming, adding coverage of electoral politics, Capitol News Briefings and Capitol Report – a 30 to 60 minute week-in-review program – to its three-branches coverage of stage government proceedings.

From 1999 to 2017, CPAN’s management of the Connecticut Network earned CT-N numerous awards over the past decade, including Sunshine Award from the National Society of Professional Journalists and the Open Government Award from the Connecticut Foundation for Open Government.

In 2008, the organization expanded its project management to include educational and community programming at Connecticut’s Old State House. Over the past several years CPAN has re-imagined the visitor experience at the Old State House around a broad, new vision:

  It is the mission of Connecticut’s Old State House to reawaken civic engagement and awareness through authentic, educational and inspiring visitor experiences; to serve as a classroom – for the physical and virtual worlds – to teach citizenship not just from the standpoint of the past but for today as well; and to be a laboratory where people of all ages can interact and discover that their voices matter, and that words, ideas, persuasion and debate really can change minds – and quite possibly, the world. 

Through the continuing realization of this vision, the Old State House has resumed is former role as focal point or “hub,” not just for government and civics but for cultural heritage tourism and education in the state. By forging strategic collaborations with other institutions as diverse as the Connecticut State Supreme Court Historical Society and the National Theatre of the Deaf, and as geographically far-flung as the Noah Webster House, Cedar Hill Cemetery and the P.T. Barnum Museum, Connecticut’s Old State House has pursued a key strategic objective of making intellectual and promotional connections between itself, the City of Hartford and the rest of Connecticut.

CPAN has created and currently operates several other award-winning programs to promote civic education within schools across the state and the nation. With programs like Connecticut History Day and Kid GovernorSM, CPAN continues to expand upon its mission of civic awareness by engaging citizens at a young age, both in Connecticut and on the natonal stage.
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